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Medicare Advantage Plans

(Synonymous with the name Part C)

These are a type of Medicare Health plan offered by private insurance companies that contract with Medicare to provide all your Part A and Part B benefits. Most offer prescription drug coverage (Part D) as well. If you are enrolled in an MA plan, most Medicare services are covered through the plan. Your Medicare services aren’t paid for by Original Medicare.  These may be structured as HMO’s, PPO’s, PFFS or SNP’s.


Medicare Supplemental Plans


These are Supplemental Insurance plans that help fill “gaps” in Original Medicare and are sold by private insurance companies. Original Medicare pays for a lot, but not all, of the cost for covered health care services and supplies. A Medicare Supplement insurance policy can pay some of the remaining health care costs and “transfer” the financial risk to a private insurance company like: copayments, coinsurance and deductibles.

They generally do not cover prescription drugs (unless you have a specific plan purchased prior to 1/1/06) and a Part D plan is usually added to cover those costs.

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Part D Plans

These are plans that cover most outpatient prescription drugs. They are offered through private insurance companies either as stand alone, for those enrolled in Original Medicare, or embedded into the benefits with your Medicare Advantage Plan.

Unless you have creditable drug coverage, and will have a Special Enrollment Period, you should enroll in Part D when you first get Medicare. If you delay this, you may face gaps in coverage and enrollment penalties.

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Other Plans We Offer

  • Group Health Plans

  • Individual Health Insurance

  • Long Term Care Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Disability Insurance

Choose Your Plans

We offer most plans from most carriers in most markets so please feel comfortable that if it can be done, we can do it.

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