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Why Our Customers Choose Us!


We're confident we can find the plan that suits your needs. 

Diverse Medicare Health Plans


We have the answers you are looking for, and if we don't, we know where to find them!

30 Years of Medicare Experience


We will help you navigate the advantages and disadvantages of the plans, making an educated decision together.

Education. Not Sales


“Aaron takes the headaches out of Medicare.” 


—  Daniel H. Schneider, Esq.

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I'd like to be the last health insurance agent you'll ever need.

My name is Aaron and I am passionate about helping people find solutions for their Medicare health plan and prescription drug plan needs!

What I feel sets us apart is that we deeply care about people. Your calls and questions are answered by us directly at nearly any time of day. Whatever your concern is we will help solve your issue.

There is no single plan that works for every person better than another, which is why I represent almost every Medicare health plan available. 

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New to Medicare

If you are new to Medicare or within a few months of turning 65, we will help you sign up for Medicare, understand part A, B, C, & D, and then find the most suitable plan for you!

Already a Medicare Eligible

If you already have a Medicare health plan, let's do a comparison. We will consider your doctors, copays, dental, vision, gym membership, etc. And help you switch to a more suitable Medicare plan.

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Current MedicarePrepare Clients

If you are currently Medicare Prepare client, of we offer an annual review of your coverage, notify you of any significant changes, and answer ALL of your questions.

No matter your insurance needs, Medicare Prepare is committed to providing you with the most comprehensive coverage at the most attractive price.

Get In Touch

Contact us today! We want to take care of you and have the expertise to do so. Let us know what your specific needs are and we will compile an insurance package suited for you.

Call me (845.532.2270) and we can talk about how I may help you!

Thanks for submitting!

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